2021 Academy Awards Prediction & Highlights ─ How is the Oscar statuette going?

April 26, 2021 (Japan time),Chapter 93Academy awardsAward ceremonyWill be held.

At the award ceremony in 2020, “Parasite Semi-Underground Family” (2019) won the Best Picture Award, Director Award, Screenplay Award, and Feature Film International Film Award, setting a record in film history not only in Korea but also in Asian films. did. What will be the result of 2021? In this article, the main departments (Works AppreciationFeature Animation AwardSupervision rewardBest Actress AwardBest Actor AwardSupporting Actress AwardSupporting Actor Award) I would like to introduce a brief explanation and expected / notable works.

The work award, which is the biggest feature of the Academy Awards, is “Nomadland』(2020) is expected to shine. This work isA woman who lost her familiar home for many years due to the economic collapse of a company and lost her beloved husband, lives hard as a car dweller (modern nomad)It is a story that captures.Starring “Three Billboards” (2017) Frances McDormand, directed by “The Rider” (2017) Chloe Zhao.

He won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival, the Audience Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, and won the highest awards at both film festivals, the first achievement in history. In addition, he won the Gotham Award, the National Society of Film Critics Award, the National Board of Review Award, and numerous film awards, including the Boston Critics Association Award, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Film.Not only has it swept the film awards, but it has also been very well received by critics, and their expectations are almost unanimous that the film will win the Best Picture.

This film, which won the Audience Award and the Jury’s Special Award at the Sundance Film Festival, depicts a Korean family who immigrated in search of the American dream. Starring “The Walking Dead” (2010-) Steven Yeun, directed by Lee Isaac Chung.

At the Golden Globe Awards, most of the language in the movie was Korean, so it was excluded from the selection of the work award and treated as a foreign language film award, and many criticisms came to the film award side one after another. .. As a result, he won the award in the same category. Meanwhile, the Academy Awards have been nominated for Best Picture, not for Best International Feature Film. This work, which has made movie critics all over the world groan, will be the A24 work since “Moonlight” (2016).

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