“21 Bridges” Chadwick Boseman rushes through New York in North Stunt ─ Special video released

Chadwick BosemanThe last theatrical release starring & production movie, “21 bridgesWill be released nationwide from April 9, 2021 (Friday). This time, the main video of Detective Andre Chadwick Boseman chasing the criminal Stephan James has arrived.

Detective Andre blocked all 21 bridges over Manhattan, New York, to track down the robbers who killed eight police officers. However, as he pursues, he realizes that there is a conspiracy that is completely different from the official case. Detective Andre decides to confront the darkness hidden behind the case alone.Thrilling and dynamicCrimeactionIs finally landing in Japan.

The released video is a scene where the criminal of the case, Ray (Stephan James), is found by the police and escapes. Escape the onslaught of police cars and helicopters and flee the streets of New York. Meanwhile, Andre (Chadwick Boseman) also rushed after Ray. He escapes to the subway, jumps over the ticket gate, bites, and shows a desperate pursuit of a criminal mission to secure the criminal. The highlight of the movie is a powerful chase drama with a sense of speed, but Chadwick is all performed in North Stunt except for one scene, and it is a realistic image such as action and shooting battle.

Before shooting, Chadwick was enthusiastic about making roles, such as accompanying him on a patrol. Director Brian Kirk said of Chadwick’s actor soul:

“It’s all because of Chadwick’s careful preparation. By the time he started shooting, he was also good at handling guns, and the police depiction became very realistic. Except for the scene where he hits a car. Challenged in North Stunt and got the realism in this work because he played it. “

In addition, the director is co-star Sienna Miller,Taylor KitschHe also praised Stephan James’s athletic ability, and revealed that he was able to create a powerful image with the power of the actors.

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