“21 Bridges” special video released ─ Chadwick Boseman voice actor Makoto Tamura mourns “I was the person I wanted to meet the most in the world”

Chadwick BosemanThe last theatrical release starring & production movie, “21 bridgesWill be released nationwide from April 9, 2021 (Friday).This time, I was in charge of Japanese dubbing of Chadwick in “Black Panther” (2018) etc.Makoto TamuraHowever, a special video has arrived that introduces the charm of this work along with his history.

Detective Andre blocked all 21 bridges over Manhattan, New York, to track down the robbers who killed eight police officers. However, as he pursues the pursuit, he realizes that there is a conspiracy that is completely different from the official case. Detective Andre decides to confront the darkness hidden behind the case alone.Thrilling and dynamicCrimeactionIs finally landing in Japan.

Chadwick vowed not to publicize his illness and to fight to the end while balancing his illness and cinematography. On August 20, 2020, many people mourned his death when reports of his death were reported worldwide, Will Smith, Chris Evans, Dwayne Johnson, US President Biden, Maria Carrie, Marvel Studios. , Lucasfilm, etc. also sent words of mourning.

As the catch phrase “Fight to the end” shows, this work was completed by Chadwick in a way that is compatible with his fight against illness. Chadwick also fell in love with the outstanding idea of ​​blocking Manhattan Island in New York to arrest the suspect. Chadwick called out, “Expectations for action that won’t stop once it starts moving,” and also worked on the production.Anthony & Joe Russo, Sienna Miller,JK SimmonsFrom the video with the comment of, “21 Bridges” is a must-see work that is indispensable for talking about the history of Chadwick.

In addition to the special video, Makoto Tamura talks about the words of mourning for Chadwick and the points he was aware of when playing him.

“I think that the great success of Black Panther has raised expectations for people all over the world. I wanted to see more and more of the characters played by Mr. Chadwick. And if I dubbed that character I imagined that I would be able to meet Mr. Chadwick someday if I continued to let him do it. I imagined that I would like to dream again. He was the person I wanted to meet the most in the world. Hmm.

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