“47 Ronin” sequel, in progress with a scriptwriter ─ Action fantasy drawn in the cyberpunk world 300 years later

A Hollywood movie that boldly adapted “Tadaomizo” starring Keanu ReevesIt seems that preparations for the production of the sequel to “47 RONIN” (2013) are in progress...Deadline reports that as a screenwriter, the actress of the drama “LUCIFER”Aimee GarciaAnd former WWE wrestler and writer AJ LeeApril Janet MendesIs said to have joined.

Previously it was reported to be distributed on Netflix, but this time it is reported that it is for Universal 1440 Entertainment, the home video distribution division of NBC Universal, so it seems that the rights have been transferred. It will be a video through in my home country.

“47 Ronin” is a story about “Tadaomizo”, in which a Gentile samurai played by Keanu Reeves and 46 ronin fight together in a deadly battle. In addition to internationally active Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano, and Rinko Kikuchi, Jin Akanishi and Kou Shibasaki, who made their Hollywood debut in the same work, also attracted attention. Unfortunately, the film did not behave as the entertainment side of the world expected, and the criticism side ended up being unfavorable.

The director of the sequel is Ron Yuan, who plays the role of Sergeant Chan in the live-action version of Disney “Mulan” (2020).According to what has been reported so far, the sequel will be set in 300 years from now, “Martial arts andaction, Horror, cyberpunk work with various elements mixed in. “

The newly added Mendes is “I’m happy to be part of a contemporary, multicultural story led by a powerful woman.Commented. The sequel to “47 Ronin”, which is completely unknown, seems to be underway.


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