A more intense last episode than “Falcon & Winter Soldier” is coming ─ Sebastian Stan announces

At the moment, up to the third episode has been delivered, and it will finally come backMarvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Drama “Falcon & Winter Soldier“. New developments have arrived for each episode, but it seems that the scene of fan excitement will continue in the future.This time, I will play the leading roleAnthony MackieWhenSebastian StanBut,”An episode of Cliffhanger (editor: anxious ending) that fans will be enthusiastic about“.

The two who appeared in the interview with MTV ASIA answered the previous question respectively.First opened my mouthFalconMcKee of the role is “The ending of the second episode is pretty cool.I think it was probably one of the best cliffhangers I’ve been involved with. ” What McKee mentioned suggests a major development in the third episode that follows. It certainly became a big cliffhanger.

Next is Stan’s turn as Bucky. “There is a moment (in this work) that reminds me of what’s coming next in the ending,” he said.I think the 4th episode is very intense.“, Foretold the Cliffhanger in the upcoming episode 4.

In each of the endings of all three episodes delivered so far, a development worthy of being called a cliffhanger came. If you believe in Stan’s words, episode 4 will be the most exciting ending for the fans, but the content is completely unpredictable. Is an unexpected character appearing in the middle of the story? Will the big battle for completion begin …?

By the way, what is worrisome in the future development is who will finally be in this work with the theme of inheritancecaptain America/ Will you get the shield of Steve Rogers? With the emergence of a powerful successor named John Walker, how will Sam, who was directly entrusted with the shield, and Bucky, who is trying to protect the legacy left by his old friend Steve, act?

Source: MTV ASIA

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