A number of unforgettable lines that colored the “Avengers” MCU-In the publication of “Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes’ Words”

Books on Wednesday, March 31, 2021Marvel Cinematic Universe Words of heroes “Will be released by KADOKAWA.

Ironman(2008) to “Spiderman: Far From Home ”(2019),“ WandaVision ”(2021)“FalconWinter SoldierIt’s been about 13 years until (2021). What is the appeal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that attracts audiences around the world? A variety of unique characters, stunning actions, elaborated stories and productions … It’s true that these are the main reasons, but “line” is also one of the important skeletons of the MCU.

The words of the hero have encouraged and supported people all over the world. The villain’s words seem to approach the horrifying and cruel truth, which in turn illuminates the hero’s brilliance. “Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes’ Words” is a book that looks back on the words spun by the characters in such MCU works.

To commemorate the publication of THE RIVER, a special column was contributed by the translator Hayato Uesugi. Let’s retrace our steps so far from the perspective of “words”.

At the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), everyone is given the opportunity. Yes, you can even be a superhero.

Carol Danvers’ best friend Maria Lambeau’s daughter Monica Lambeau will appear in “WandaVision” on Disney +, and many Marvel fans will be delighted. It has also become clear that Monica has supernatural powers, and is expected to play an active role in “Captain Marvel 2 (tentative title)”.

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