A special video that approaches the shooting of “Nomadland” ─ “The world as it is makes the movie special”

“The Rider” (2017) “Eternals” (2021)Chloe ZhaoSupervision,Frances McDormandStarring, the movie that has swept the movie awards around the worldNomadlandWill be released in Japan on March 26, 2021. This time, an interview by the production team including the director of this work and a special video full of making images have arrived.

Fern (Frances McDormand), the main character who lost his beloved husband after losing his residence in a company town in Nevada, USA, which he had been accustomed to living for many years due to the economic collapse of the company. He packs his memories of his late husband into a camper van and travels around the scene of seasonal labor as a car dweller (modern nomad). On that day, while overcoming that day hard, she meets and exchanges hearts with Nomads everywhere she goes, and her free journey with pride continues ….

(C) 2020 20th Century Studios. All rights reserved.
(C) 2020 20th Century Studios. All rights reserved.

In this video, which begins with the beautiful music of Italian master Linda May Einaudi and the beautiful scenery of the western part of the United States, director Chloe Zhao talks about his thoughts on shooting this film, and also in “The Rider”. It also includes the appointment of an ordinary person who was not an actor as an actor, and an interview with Linda May, who is also an actual nomad.

Jao commented on this work, which depicts the harsh but hopeful life of an elderly person (= Nomad) who suddenly loses his place of residence due to the Lehman shock and is forced to live on a car.To tell the story of wandering people, it is necessary to understand why people are fascinated by wanderingThe production of this work proceeded while staying close to Nomad’s way of life itself.

Jao, who played the role of Fern and directed the film at the offer of Frances McDormand, also produced, said Mollye Asher.The director drew the American dream in this film.I see it from a keen point of view unique to foreigners“The director’s skill is highly praised.

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