A special video that makes you want to hunt, trying to reproduce the main part of the movie in the “Monster Hunter” game

Various fields of nature, exhilarating and powerfulaction, A monster with outstanding reproducibility. A live-action movie version that draws attention to the overwhelming world viewMonster hunterIs finally landing in Japan on March 26, 2021 (Friday).This time, prior to the long-awaited release in Japan, the scene of the main part of the moviegameA special video that I tried with “Monster Hunter” and the synchronization rate is too great has arrived

In this work, U.S. Army Lieutenant Artemis was sent to a mysterious world by encountering a huge sandstorm that suddenly occurred (Milla Jovovich), Teaming up with a hunter (Tony Jaa), challenges a monster and a deadly battle. A research team that cooperates in hunting, Ron Perlman of the “Hellboy” series has been appointed as the leader of the group, and Hirona Yamazaki has been appointed as the receptionist. The director is Paul W. S. Anderson of the “Resident Evil” series.

This special video is a reproduction of the scene in the movie in the world of the base game “Monster Hunter: World”, while the creators of Capcom watched it in the main part of the movie and remained excited. The appearance of the force of the Diablos subspecies attacking from the bottom of the desert, the tense moment when the hunter skillfully manipulates the Great Hunt Bow and shoots an arrow, and further, he puts up a tent with Artemis in the jungle, and the “meat roasting” familiar to fans It’s a series of overwhelming reproducibility and a scene where you take a short break.

“While playing the game, I started to imagine it as a movie. I’m one of the fans, but I want to see my favorite monsters live-action. I’m the scriptwriter and director of this work. I’m a fan before that, “said Paul W. S. Anderson, Capcom’s creators, production designer Edward Thomas, and enthusiastic Monster Hunter players and graphic artists from the early stages of production preparation. It can be seen that the production team, which also brought in metal processing craftsmen, thoroughly crafted it, and took a tremendous amount of time to adjust the monster’s eye color, toes, details, and location settings. The quality is so high that you can’t tell if you’re watching a movie or playing a game.

The movie “Monster Hunter” will be released on March 26, 2021 (Friday).

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