Academy Award nomination “83-year-old gentle spy” to be released in July ─ Infiltration documentary to the elderly home

Academy awardsdocumentaryThe movie “The Mole Agent”, which has been nominated for the category, has been released as “The Mole Agent”.83-year-old gentle spyIt was decided that the Japanese title will be released nationwide from July 2021. It is a hot topic that was screened under the title of “The Mole Agent” at the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival and the 17th Latin Beat Film Festival.

This work is a documentary that captures the process of an 83-year-old man, Sergio, who applied for a mysterious job recruiting spies aged 80 to 90, infiltrating a nursing home and conducting a survey. Sergio, who is kind-hearted about the work of the first spy, shows with plenty of humor how he will become a good counselor for the troubled residents, and at the same time, from the true intentions of the residents who live apart from their families, the present age. It is a work that asks what a nursing care facility should be.

The director is Maite Alberdi, who has built a unique style of drawing problems by closely adhering to the characters through everyday stories that happened in a small world. I wanted to make a documentary about a private detective, so I took it for three months with the permission of Home without revealing it as a spy. Initially, he focused on the results of the detective industry’s investigation, but as he proceeded with the interview, he learned that many requests were due to lack of communication between the client and his family.

Eventually, he became more interested in more than just reporting the results, such as what was behind the lack of mutual understanding, and ultimately focused on the social understanding behind it rather than the research itself. “I hope you want to contact your parents and grandparents after watching,” the director said.

Following the Academy Award nominations, Maite Alberdi commented:

“I am honored to be selected for such an extraordinary and remarkable film award. I am deeply grateful to the Academy and Documentary Division for choosing this kind of thing for the Latin American women’s production team. I thought it was impossible to dream, but this year I was able to see life from a new perspective. This nomination shows that the world always cares for the elderly, and the average life expectancy. It reminds us that it’s important not only to prolong, but to motivate us to live. We lost so much last year, but we look back at the elderly. I was reminded that they were facing a pre-epidemic pandemic called “The Pandemic of Solitude”. I am very proud that this movie helped the elderly and their families interact. think.”

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