Academy Awards Screenplay Award “Promising Young Woman” Trailer ─ Carey Mulligan Judges Takeaway Men

“Wild Life” (2017), etc.Carey MulliganStarring, movie “Promising Young WomanWill be released in Japan from July 16, 2021 (Friday). Including movie awards around the worldAcademy awardsThis work won the screenplay award. This time, the Japanese version trailer has arrived.

Cathy (Carey Mulligan), who is about 30 years old, dropped out of medical school due to an incident and is living a mediocre life as a clerk at a cafe. On the other hand, at night, he pretended to be drunk and judged the men who were going to take it home at the bar. One day, Ryan (Bo Burnham), a college classmate and now a pediatrician, suddenly appears at Kathy’s cafe. This accidental reunion will awaken Kathy in love and at the same time bring her back to a hellish nightmare …

This notice begins with Kathy getting drunk at the bar and falling asleep on the sofa. When I saw the situation, the ill-advised words of the men who were present saying, “It’s like inviting me,” echoed, and when I noticed, I went to bed. But this was all as Kathy planned. “I asked you what you’re doing,” said the men who were astonished by the words she gave to Shirafu. She pretended to be drunk and judged the takeaway man.

In such a daily life, I happen to meet Ryan again. The game changed in the wake of this encounter. The curtain opens on a revenge drama for an incident that happened in Kathy’s past. Kathy’s anger has just exceeded the limit. Revenge entertainment, in which a deadly poison wrapped in sweet candy runs around the whole body on the TOXIC melody, is finally landing in Japan.

The director is Emerald Fennell, who made the first feature film with his own original script that combines romantic comedy and revenge drama. At the Academy Awards, he was double nominated for the Director & Screenplay Award and won the Screenplay Award. Carey Mulligan, who played the main character, has won many awards, receiving acclaim from critics as “the best acting of her career.”

The movie “Promising Young Woman” will be released nationwide on July 16, 2021 (Friday), including TOHO Cinemas Hibiya & Cine Quint.

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