“American Utopia” performance video released ─ Talking Heads “Once In A Lifetime” masterpiece unveiled

Former Talking Heads frontmanDavid Byrne, “The Five Bloods” (2020), etc.Spike Leedirected by. A movie by two representatives of the modern United States “American UtopiaWill be released nationwide from May 7, 2021. This time, the performance video of Talking Heads’ popular song “Once In A Lifetime” has arrived from the main part of the enthusiasm of 21 songs and 107 minutes.

The original idea for this work was the album “American Utopia” (2018) by David Byrne. After the album’s world tour, the stage reconstructed as a Broadway show began in 2019, and its innovative content became very popular. Considering the possibility of visualization, David Byrne called out to Spike Lee, and the movie project started in earnest. A live movie with an unprecedented style that is neither a documentary nor a recorded movie has been completed.

The video released this time begins with David Byrne dancing like a marionette. Audience that springs up when the intro flows. It shows David talking in the spotlight.And when I entered the chorus, 11 peoplemusicsThe houses meet and line up in a row for spectacular performances and harmonies.

This “Once In A Lifetime” has been ranked 30th in NME’s “500 Best Songs Ever”. This song was recorded on Talking Heads’ 4th album “Remain in Light” produced by Brian Eno, which was released in 1980. This album was ranked 39th in “All Time Greatest Album 500” (2020) selected by Rolling Stone magazine, and many musicians in Japan also choose it as their favorite. A fusion of new wave and African music, described by the late Yuji Konno as “an encounter between primitive and atomic sparks.” It’s been 41 years since then. It is a piece that is loved over time.

“American Utopia” will be a national road show from May 7, 2021 (Friday), including TOHO Cinemas and Shibuya Cine Quint.

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