Andrew Lincoln, the role of “The Walking Dead” Rick, will return to the final version ─ The movie version is about to be shot, all the answers are “within a few months”

Popular dramawalking DeadHowever, it will end in Season 11, which will begin broadcasting in the United States in August 2021. The series is scheduled to be completed in 2022, but what has become a hot topic among fans is the re-appearance of characters who have already left the series. The ones that have the highest expectations areRick Grimes played by Andrew LincolnIs.

British SFX Magazine has hit Andrew himself with the possibility of Rick reappearing in Season 11. Andrew replied, “It’s a really good question,” and didn’t deny the possibility of a return.

The simple answer is that I don’t even know.I don’t think it’s a script like that, but I don’t say it’s an impossible story... Because everyone who makes TV is an important friend. They’re still making it, and they’re still producing world-class, spectacular and groundbreaking shows. I think it’s a tremendous job. “

In November 2019, Angela Kang, the scriptwriter and executive producer of the series, called on Andrew, “If you can do it, I want you to come out.” “The door is open, so you can come back anytime.” Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, is also known to have spoken to Andrew about his return. However, it remains a mystery whether or not it will reappear.

However, Andrew is waiting for the movie version “The Walking Dead” with Rick Grimes as the main character. The story is expected to focus on Rick, and shooting is reported to begin in the spring of 2021.This time, Andrew also“I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll start shooting as soon as possible.”And comment. The movie version will be a trilogy, and Andrew said, “I’m not the only one to sign a contract. I’m also the producer.”

I’m sure all the answers will be available in the coming months.. I can say that there is more than one (movie). It took longer than I expected because I had to make the first one a correct work. Of course, there was also a corona bruise. I’m really looking forward to clarifying Rick’s current location by expanding the scale and widening the story. “

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