“Ant-Man” 3rd work & “Captain Marvel” sequel, shooting start on the same day from the end of May

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) works, “Antman』Series 3rd workAnt-Man & Wasp: Ant-man And The Wasp: Quantumania ”When,”Captain Marvel』(2019) sequel movieCaptain Marvel 2(Tentative title) ”ShootingBoth were found to start in late May 2021

This information was revealed by the Film & Television Industry Alliance, which informs industry insiders of the status of movie planning. Both works will start shooting from May 31, 2021. The third “Ant-Man” will be held in London, England and Atlanta, USA until September 24th of the same year. Meanwhile, the sequel to “Captain Marvel” will take place in London and Los Angeles. The shooting end date is unknown.

The third film of “Ant-Man” and the sequel to “Captain Marvel” are being prepared for the start of shooting.In the former, the performersMichael douglasRevealed that he was stretching his beard to make a role.

In the latter, the starringBrie LarsonReported that it started muscle training for shooting in early 2021. Both titles have a grace period of about two months until the crank-in in late May, but the role-making adjustments will be made in earnest.

By the way, the production of the drama series is proceeding smoothly at the MCU. The filming of “Ms. Marvel” is scheduled to end soon, and “Hawkeye” is in the middle of filming. Also, “She-Hulk” and “Moon Knight” will be launched soon.

Source:Film & Television Industry Alliance(1,2)

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