Anthony Mackie as Falcon, what is the most difficult MCU secret to hide?

Many surprisesMarvel Cinematic UniverseFor the cast, I sometimes explain the work in many interviews, so it’s hard to just be careful to avoid spoilers. Newly started MCU drama “Falcon & Winter SoldierAs Sam Wilson / Falcon starring inAnthony MackieHowever, he is one who has overcome the challenges.

Appearing in media interviews every day as the work begins to be distributedMcKee reveals one of the hardest scenes to hide in his six years at the MCU.

In this article, “Avengers / Endgame』(2019) spoilers are included.

McKee talked about this at Disney’s official fan club D23 INSIDE DISNEY. “The most difficult secret is …” McKee revealed as follows. “IronmanIs when he died“. In other words, “the Avengers/ Endgame ”(2019), finger patching with Infinity Stones in order to defeat ThanosTony StarkIt’s a mortal scene. McKee continues as follows.

“Three to four years before it was screened in the theaterI took it in. In the meantime, you’ll be interviewed and talk to people. So, in reality, the scene was called a “wedding”. Instead of a funeral, it’s called a wedding. When someone asked me, I had to say, “I shot the wedding (scene) on this day,” or “I need to try on the wedding scene.” I had a hard time keeping silent. “

* The funeral scene was filmed in November 2017, so it seems that it will actually take about a year and a half.

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