Anthony Mackie “I’m Honored” for New Captain America ─ Reminiscences of a Boy I Met on the Street 13 Years Ago

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama “Falcon & Winter Soldier, A new hero who inherited the will of his predecessor was born. Published in 2014, “captain America/ Winter Soldier]FalconIt is Sam Wilson who has been active in the MCU as.

This article contains spoilers up to the final episode of “The Falcon & Winter Soldier”.

Sam will carry American justice as Black Captain America, along with a shield entrusted to him by Steve Rogers.The role of Sam who will bear this heavy responsibilityAnthony MackieWhat kind of feeling is it?

After all six episodes of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” were broadcast, McKee appeared on the US talk show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. When asked by moderator Stephen Colbert, “What does it mean to be Captain America for you and to be the first black Captain America?”It ’s interesting and it ’s a great honor.“McKee replied. “I didn’t really come to the point until the final episode was completed on Friday, but I couldn’t say anything when I saw it with my sons.」。

Apparently, McKee had some impressive memories of Captain America long before joining the MCU, and this event further strengthened McKee’s desire to become Captain America. “I remember when I just moved to Brooklyn in 2008,” recalls McKee.

As I was walking down the street, there was a little boy who had his eyes cut off with a cereal box and covered his head.The box was marked with a blue spray “A”. When I asked, “What are you doing?”The boy said, “I’m fighting the bad guys. I’m Captain America.”.. Seeing the boy and thinking that he will be in the universe 13 years later makes me feel really humble and excited at the same time. BecauseIt has such a big impact on small children around the world.

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