Apple Bans 181 Vaping Apps From The iOS App Store Over Rising Health Concern

Apple has banned all 181 vaping-related apps from the iOS App Store due to health concerns raised by recent reports. According to recent reports, e-cigarette use can result in damaged lungs or even kill people. Apple users who have already downloaded the vape app from iOS may still be able to use them. They can even transfer them to new Apple devices, reports said. These banned apps used to provide news and information related to vaping. Some of these vaping apps allowed users to adjust settings and the temperature on their vaping devices. Apple in a statement said that it has updated App Store guidelines to ban apps that encouraged the vaping. “We frequently updated the App Store to make it the best place for customers, especially youths,” said Apple.

Experts of the American Heart Association and from the CDC recently attributed a variety of lung injuries and causalities to e-cigarettes. They even termed the spread of these vaping devices public health. Agreeing with them, we have updated our App Store Review Guidelines to ban the apps encouraging the use of these products,’ the tech giant said in a statement. With the change in guidelines, apps that promote or facilitate the sale of vape products, marijuana, tobacco or illegal drugs won’t be allowed on its platform. The tech giant emphasized that it didn’t allow any new vaping app on its platform since June. There are several prominent vape companies whose apps were previously available on the Apple App Store.

E-cigarettes have been under controversy ever since its inception and faced questions about their safety. Though manufacturers claim it to be a safer alternative to cigarettes, critics emphasize that none of the claims have been proven scientifically. The long-term health impacts are yet not clear because of the fact that technology is comparatively new. The Food and Drug Administration is also chalking out plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes as they are extremely popular among teenagers. Recently, e-cigarette behemoth Juul Labs announced that it will immediately stop selling its most popular mint-flavored nicotine cartridges in the United States.