“Aquaman” sequel, Amber Heard returns to the role of Mela

DC movie “Aquaman(2018) In the sequel movie,Amber HeardMelaContinue to cast as a roleIt seems.

Starring in this workJason MomoaOrPatrick WilsonIt has been reported that multiple performers will continue to cast. Amber was also reported to be a follow-up, but a large-scale signing activity that he should be dismissed from the “Aquaman” series triggered by a divorce drama with Johnny Depp. In March 2021, it was unclear where the return would be, as it was reported that Emilia Clarke would take the place of “Game of Thrones” (2011-2019) for violating the health clause of the contract. It was.

However, the reporter of The Hollywood Reporter has denied the report of the substitute, and Amber himself has announced the return to the sequel again. Amber on his InstagramWhile listening to “Pussy Talk” by the rap duo City Girl, he posted his training with the hashtag of “# aquaman2”.After all it seems that the substitute was not the case.

In late January 2021, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who is Black Manta, and Patrick Wilson, who is Ohm / Ocean Master, were preparing for the sequel in late April. David Leslie Johnson is back as a script,James WanThe director’s continuation is uncertain.ShootingIn the summer of 2021England·It will start in London.

The sequel to “Aquaman” will be released in the US in December 2022.

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