“Artist” director’s latest work, zombie movie shooting scene ─ “Don’t stop the camera! 』 Is it a style work?

“Artist” (2011) “Goodbye Godard! 』(2017) etc.Michel HazanaviciusInformation about the director’s long-awaited new movie has arrived.

title is”Z (comme Z) (original title)For Michel Hazanavicius for the first timeHorrorcomedyworksIt is said that it will be.ProbablyFrench movieIt seems to be. Romain Duris, who will appear in this film, revealed on the French movie site “Allo Ciné (The Courier English translation)”.

According to the information, this workzombieThings roll in the wrong direction while filming a movie “It is said that it is the content. The movie “Don’t stop the camera!” 』(2017) is reminiscent of the content. At this point, other performers and production dates are unknown.

Michel Hazanavicius has been in the limelight from all over the world in “Artist” (2011). The black-and-white silent film received high praise at the Cannes International Film Festival and won the Academy Award for the first French film. Since then, he has continued to release notable works such as “The Search for the Voice of the Day” (2014). I can’t help but expect the new movie produced by such a famous director.

Source: AlloCiné, The Courier

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