“Avengers: Endgame” After that, “I didn’t have to think about it.” Looking back on the production, “Thanks, I was free.”

Marvel Cinematic UniverseIn (MCU), the movie “The big circle of one story is drawnAvengers / Endgame』(2019), it is said that the production was proceeding without being aware of the story that follows. Anthony Russo, who was the director, revealed after looking back on those days.

“Endgame” attracted attention not only as a final work with the powerful enemy Thanos, but also as a graduation work of Iron Man and Captain America who have been leading the MCU. As a culmination of the MCUs that have continued until then, the fierce battle of heroes was depicted. Currently, Phase 4 starting with “WandaVision” has started.

As of March 2021, two years after its release, Anthony looked back on the time when “Endgame” was produced in an interview with the US Comicbook. It reveals the work development unique to the culmination work.

The unique thing about “Endgame” is that unlike “Winter Soldier”, “Civil War”, and “Infinity War”, you didn’t have to think about what happened after “Endgame”.This is actuallyMarvelWe have reached an agreement with. With this, we were free to proceed. It’s also a spokesman for (screenwriter Christopher) Markus and (Stephen) McFeely, but I was free to think about the end and the end rather than the next path. “

The previous work of “Endgame” “the AvengersUntil “/ Infinity War” (2018), a post-credits scene leading to the next work was prepared in order to maintain the continuity of the universe. However, “Endgame” has closed without the post-credits scene. This is also one form that shows the completion of the big story in the MCU.

However, in the opening work “WandaVision” of Phase 4, the story after “Endgame” unfolds. You can also see the production of the timeline going back to “Endgame”, and the storytelling that makes you feel the connection with the past is impressive.

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