“Avengers: Endgame” director & cast, “Avatar” congratulations on regaining the top box office worldwide

James CameronThe director’s movie “Avatar(2009), after the re-screening in China that began on March 12, 2021,Avengers / Endgame』(2019) regained the title of the champion of the worldwide box office. Twenty months after “Endgame” took the top spot, it was a reversal,Marvel・ Including the studioAnthony & Joe RussoThe brothers pay homage to the people involved in Avatar.

Approximately three months after its release to the world in April 2019, “Avengers: Endgame” surpassed the amount of worldwide box office revenue held by “Avatar” for 10 years and set a new record. Cumulative box office for “Endgame”2.797.5 millionWhereas Avatar is $ 2,789.7 million (before re-screening in China). Due to the small difference between the two films, it was expected that a reversal would occur again before the re-screening of “Avatar” in China.

When “Endgame” broke the record of “Avatar” in July 2019, director James Cameron and other “Avatar” production teams and cast members sent compliments to the people involved in “Endgame”. In return, Marvel pays homage to this reversal.

Marvel Studios’ official Twitter account has released the motion logos of “Endgame” and “Avatar”, which show the reversal of box office, along with the names of director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau. He conveyed his blessing by quoting “I Love You 3000”, one of the famous lines of “Endgame”.

“Endgame” director Russo brothers also wrote on Twitter “I will return the gauntlet to you …” and tagged Cameron’s account. He is humble and respects the master.

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