Avengers experience and Star Wars bar ─ Disney’s new luxury liner announced

To the sea of ​​dreams and excitement. From Port Canaveral, Florida, USADisneyNew cruise ship「Disney Wish」However, it seems that the voyage will start in the summer of 2022.

Mickey MouseNot to mention the onboard facilities with the theme of Disney charactersMarvelAnd “Star WarsThere are also areas and bars, so it will be a longing trip for fans. Various images are posted on the official website, and a virtual presentation video introducing this new cruise ship is released on YouTube.

On board, Captain AmericaMighty ThorSpidermanAlso, my favorite Marvel heroes are on board. “Marvel Super Hero Academy』In,SuperheroRecruits and trains children as heroes. In the published image,the AvengersIn the area that reproduces the head quarter (headquarters facility) of, Spider-Man is showing a familiar pose to children. “I can’t tell you everything here, but I promise Spider-Man. And thenBlack panther, Ant-Man, andWasp“Mone,” said Sachi, the show coordinator of Walt Disney Imagineering.

hereYou can also choose and try on a hero suit for childrenThat’s it. The video also shows a Black Panther appearing to a child wearing a Black Panther suit and posing with him. I’m just jealous of the children.

Also,“Rapunzel on the Tower”An art studio where you can enjoy Rapunzel and art,beauty and the BeastA library where you can read stories with Bell,FrozenThere is also an area where you can experience the magical power of Elsa and ice.

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