“Avengers” Marvel’s angry development, strategy to keep the audience bored ─ “WandaVision” to be the most watched TV program in the world

After “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), more specifically, while overcoming the predicament of CoronaMarvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) has taken a step forward to a new frontier. Not only the movie works that “Black Widow” will not be released, but also “Wandavision」「Falcon & Winter Soldier”And other drama series were released in parallel.

The MCU, which originally had a large number of works, will realize further volume increase by simultaneously developing movies and dramas. But in the face of this high pace, aren’t the creators worried or afraid of “getting bored”?Being a gimmickMarvel・ Studio / Disney executives revealed their hearts.

In the US Deadline“For the first few years after joining Marvel, I was worried about it.”Should be the general manager of the MCUKevin FeigeThe president. “Because various studios had the rights, there were a number of Marvel movies released in a year. Sometimes there were three in a summer.” At that time, President Feige thought under such circumstances.“How to continue, how to survive”It was said that.

“I couldn’t do anything at that time, but the answer I gave at that time was“Push the Marvel logo to the front while crossing over the characters as new as possible, as uniquely as possible”That is. If each is a unique and interesting story, keep up with the trends.If you’re looking at something interesting and unique at home, you’ll eventually come back to the cinema.That’s our solution, our way of learning, our way of growth... As a storyteller, it is our job to draw interesting and new stories by utilizing the format (movies and dramas). It happens that they are based on the wonderful story of Marvel Comics over 80 years and can be expanded to all kinds of genres. “

Marvel Studios’ first drama series, “WandaVision,” has become a symbol of this very word. Starting with a monochrome sitcom, the work has undergone strange but overwhelming changes and evolution. President Feige describes the film as a “completely unique” series.Phase 4 movies and dramas continue to do the sameIt also states.

In fact, “WandaVision” has achieved amazing business results. According to the US Variety, “WandaVision” overtook the Netflix drama “Bridgerton Family” (2020-) and recorded the top record in the number of US viewers in January 2021. In the US Forbes, it is reported that it has jumped from the fifth episode “Problem Episode” to “the most noticeable TV program in the world”. Moreover, according to the survey, “WandaVision” and “Mandalorian” (2019-), in which new episodes are delivered weekly, tend to increase the demand for works week by week, unlike the series of all episodes delivered at once. That is. Instead of getting bored, it attracted a large number of viewers.

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