“Avengers” MCU movie, announced title is “only a small part”

the AvengersFamiliar with the seriesMarvel Cinematic UniverseIt seems that (MCU) still has a large number of hidden balls. Writer Malcolm Spellman, who was a key person in the MCU in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” (2021), revealed.

“Falcon & Winter Soldier”, written and produced by Malcolm, is an ambitious work that set new guidelines after “Avengers: Endgame” (2019). The final episode of the series concludes with hints of the “future” of Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and Sharon Carter, giving a hint of the further possibilities of the MCU. Fans are increasingly predicting how the story will roll from here.

At Murphy’s Multiverse, Malcolm “reacted” to these moves. Apparently, we still don’t know the future of the MCU at all.

What surprised me was the upcoming announcementMarvelThat the movie is only a small part (of the whole).. As the project is announced, fans will become more and more aware (in the future). “

Although “only a handful”, the upcoming lineup that has already been announced is a tremendous volume. There are 12 movies and 9 TVs in the officially announced project. If this is only a small part of the whole, what kind of future does Marvel Studios envision?

If you think about it, April 2018, ahead of “Avengers / Infinity War” (2018)Kevin FeigeThe president interviewed the Associated Press“We are always thinking about the future.[Omitted]We had a meeting about 2024 and 2025 today.”He said. Now, three years later, it’s no wonder that Feige and his colleagues are already considering plans for 2028.

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