“Avengers” SHIELD and Hydra, the possibility of re-appearance ─ With the success of the new organization SWORD

Marvel Cinematic UniverseThere was an organization that supported the early to mid-term of (MCU) and played a role or two in the formation of the Avengers.SuperheroInternational peacekeeping organization that managesS.H.I.E.L.D.(Strategic National Land Mediation Reinforcement and Deployment Bureau). But now, their existence is less talked about. Is it possible that SHIELD will return to the front stage of the story again in the future?Marvel・ Studio president Kevin Feige said. The US ComicBook.com reports.

In this article, “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and “WandavisionIncludes spoilers for the final episode.

In the first place, the reason why SHIELD lost its presence was “Captain America / Winter Soldier』(2014) revealed the corruption of the organization.Originally SHIELD was a secret society in World War II.HydraIt was founded on the basis of the Strategic Science Reserve (SSR), which destroyed the hydra, but from that time on, Hydra’s dynamism began. About 70 years after the war, they succeeded in eroding most of the organization, from soldiers and agents to executives. He embarked on an “insight plan” to achieve de facto control and analyze and kill disturbers.

However, Hydra’s plans were thwarted by Captain America, and the collapse of the organization was accused by Nick Fury and Natasha Romanov. Due to the de facto collapse of the organization, SHIELD and Hydra have less chance to appear in the movie (even if they do appear, past scenes, flashbacks, and previous appearances are mainly mentioned. There is). Drama”Agents of Shield(2013-2020) Phil Coulson restarted the organization, but the story has already come to an end.

In 2021, a new government organization appeared in MCU’s first drama series “WandaVision”.S.W.O.R.D.(Perceptual weaponObservation correspondence station). In the future, it was thought that SWORD would lead the story instead of SHIELD, and President Kevin Feige revealed that “it is not always the case.”

“Look at the comics again. We always follow what happened in the comics in the past.Organizations (called SHIELD and hydra) have emerged in many forms over the years.In other words, there is always the possibility (re-appearance)... As you saw in WandaVision, there are new organizations like SWORD. In the MCU, the light tissue and the shadow tissue are always necessary. “

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