Baby Groot appears on foot, robot for Disney theme park is under development

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Walt Disney Imagineering, which develops various projects for Disney theme parks around the world, is in the process of planning a project called “Project Kiwi.”Tech Crunch is a Marvel movieGuardians of the Galaxy: RemixWe have released a video showing a lovely robot that reproduces the popular baby Groot that appeared in (2017) walking independently.

This project seems to have been underway since around 2018. The ultimate goal is to send out robots that can walk freely in the park and communicate with guests (visitors). In addition to the cast in costumes and costumes, robots will welcome guests.

The video shows the development of a baby Groot prototype. Starting with a movable leg, a leg that walks on two legs with a support was developed, and eventually it became a model that can walk independently without support. After repeated trial and error, a robot in the form of a baby Groot will finally appear in 2020. In addition to walking, he also waved his hands, changed his adorable facial expressions, stood on one leg, performed simple dances, and even performed shadow boxing.

It is still in the process of being produced, and there are still many issues to be solved before the actual park debut. However, development is proceeding smoothly enough to handle stage performances and photography.

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