Berlin award-winning work “The World Reflected in 17-year-old Eyes” to be released in July 2021 ─ Pregnant girl embarks on a journey for abortion

The movie “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”, which won the Silver Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, has been released as “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”.The world reflected in the eyes of 17 years oldIt was decided that it will be released in Japan in July 2021 under the Japanese title.

The main character of this work is Autumn, a 17-year-old high school student who lives in Pennsylvania, USA and has few friends. One day, Autumn learns that she was unexpectedly pregnant. In Pennsylvania, minors cannot have an abortion without the consent of their parents. Skyler, a cousin and best friend who works part-time at a supermarket, notices Autumn’s accident and decides to make money and go to New York, USA, where the two do not need the consent of their parents to have an abortion.

The suffering and difficulty that everyone faces unspeakably, yet the existence of irreplaceable friends who support us. A new masterpiece was born that freshly captures this world that emerges through the eyes of a 17-year-old girl.

The director was Eliza Hittman. She is an up-and-coming female director who won the Sundance Film Festival Director’s Award for her second film, “In the Corner of Brooklyn” (2017), which depicts a young man suffering from identity. Sidney Flanigan, who acted as the main character, has been acclaimed for his life-size acting while this work is a feature film debut, and many actors such as the New York Film Critics Association Leading Actress Award and the Boston Film Critics Association Leading Actress Award. Has won the award.

The movie “The World Reflected in the Eyes of 17 Years Old” is a national road show including TOHO Cinemas Chanter in July 2021.

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