Billie Eilish releases new song “Your Power” & MV simultaneous release ─ Preceding song of second album “Happier Than Ever”

Of the world’s most popular artistsBillie EilishWill release the long-awaited second album “Happier Than EverFrom the preceding song “Your PowerWas released. The music video produced and directed by Billie Eilish has also been released at the same time, and this is her fourth MV directed by herself.

The music video, shot in Simi Valley, California, USA, shows Anaconda, who weighs 36 kilograms, slowly tightening Billy, who sings, “Don’t abuse your power.” Billie Eilish commented on Instragram:

“This song is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made. It seems to expose my heart and feels very defenseless. This is the variety we have witnessed and experienced. A song about the situation. I hope this will trigger a change. Don’t abuse your power. “

The second album “Happier Than Ever” contains 16 songs in total. Like the debut album, it is produced only by 19-year-old Billy’s collaborator and real brother, Finius, without appointing an outside songwriter or producer. Details of the Japanese version will be announced at a later date.

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