Can you trust “Falcon & Winter Soldier” Jimo? “The ambiguity is interesting,” Daniel Brühl replied.

Drama”Falcon & Winter Soldier“soMarvel Cinematic UniverseCaptain Jimo has made a comeback in (MCU). In the third episode, “Power Broker,” which reappeared, a surprising appearance that was not seen in “Civil War / Captain America” ​​(2016) was also witnessed.

With only three episodes left at the moment, how will Jimo behave in the future?playDaniel BrühlHowever, he gives a hint based on the Jimo in the third episode.

In this article, “FalconWinter SoldierIncludes spoilers for Episode 3 “Power Broker”.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brühl asked, “Do you trust Jimo?”No, I don’t (laughs)Answered.With Sam in episode 3BuckyVisited Jimo to locate the serum that created the newly emerging superhumans, and the three acted as a kind of team. With this in mind, Brühl’s answer, “I don’t trust,” means that the actions Jimo will take in the future have the potential to harm Sam, Bucky, and the world. According to Brühl, the appearance of this irrelevant Jimo seems to be one of the points.

This is good, and when you can’t read someone plotting something, that vague feeling is always interesting... I hope you and I are enjoying this too. So you shouldn’t believe him. But it’s clear that Jimo isn’t an evil supervillain, and I think you already know it in past works,He has something more than that.. Even so, in the conversation between the three people, the human-like appearance of Jimo appears strongly. I personally disagree with his radical ideas, but I can understand them based on his origins. “

At the end of the third episode, Jimo makes an interesting statement. “I’m looking forward to seeing Kali,” he said. Kali is a female Kali Mogensou who is the leader of the masked superhuman armed group Flag Smashers. It seems that Kali and Jimo, who are doing bad things, are old friends, but what is the relationship between them …?

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