Captain America US official SNS, cover photo changed to Sam Wilson ─ After “Falcon & Winter Soldier”

MeterMarvel・ Operated by the studiocaptain AmericaThe cover photo of Captain America’s official SNS account has been changed from Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson.I understood it.

In this article, “Falcon & Winter SoldierIs mentioned. Please be sure to read after watching the main story.

This change isMarvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Drama “Falcon& Winter Soldier ”. In this work, the story revolves around the inheritance of the shield entrusted by Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), the first Captain America. Sam hesitated to inherit the shield at first and chose to donate. However, after being involved with John Walker, who was selected as the new Captain America officially recognized by the government, and Isaia Bradley, who had been erased by the government, he decided to take the name of the second Captain America.

For this reason, with Captain America’s official Facebook pageTwitterIn the cover photo of the account, you can see Sam wearing a new suit and holding Captain America’s shield in a dignified manner.

A word of “On your left” in the profile column of both accounts. That word is what Steve said when he overtook Sam in the running scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). “On your left” is the relationship between Steve and Sam, such as Sam telling Steve who was in trouble later in the final battle with the Thanos army in “Avengers: Endgame” (2019). It is a symbolic word that indicates sex.

Marvel Studios is currently planning the fourth installment in the “Captain America” ​​series. The project was announced after the sixth episode of “Falcon & Winter Soldier” was delivered. According to previous reportsIt is reported that the story of Sam, who became the second Captain America, will continue in the fourth film. In the future, Sam will carry the United States on his back in the world of MCU.Like the straight look in the cover photo of SNS, it should stick to the justice inherited from Steve.

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