Chris Evans’s return to Captain America reports, denial ─ Marvel Studios president mentions “rumors quickly cleared himself”

Reported in January 2021,Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU)captain AmericaGraduated from the roleChris EvansAbout the return report ofMarvel・ Studio presidentKevin FeigeAlluds to denial

According to the report by Deadline, it is unclear how Evans will replay the role of Captain America, and it is uncertain whether or not a contract has been signed with the studio.On the same day as this report, Evans himself, who was the subject of controversy, posted on Twitterreaction.. He wrote “News to Me” and added a shrug emoji.

Whether this reaction of Evans was a denial of the return or a joke was uncertain, but Feige has finally spoken about Evans’ return report. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said:

“I rarely say no to anything now, because I’m always amazed at what happens. ButI think he (Evans) himself soon cleared the rumor.

Feige, who did not affirm Evans’ return, could be seen as a de facto denial. After the release of “Endgame”, Evans declared that he had graduated from the role of Captain America. Meanwhile, it was undeniable that the return report, which was reported without a pause, had a sense of incongruity contrary to Evans’ remarks.

Fans are still calling for a return, but Evans had previously revealed that he couldn’t do it just because the audience was expecting it. I wonder if Evans’s cap can’t be worshiped so soon …

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