“Civil War” Steve and Sharon’s kiss, what was it after all-actress Emily VanCamp, mentioning over five years

“I’m still thinking about that kiss, I’d like to get an answer.”

Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes in the summer of 2019Civil War / Captain AmericaI said about a scene in (2016). Just before confronting Iron Man and otherscaptain America/ Steve RogersAgent 13/ It’s a scene where I kissed Sharon Carter. The audience’s opinions were largely divided by the love between Peggy’s niece Sharon and Steve.

About five years after that, Emily VanCamp, who played Sharon, was at Variety in the United States.“I know there was criticism.”Said. What did the person who played Steve and Sharon’s kiss think?

“As for Sharon, there was always an aspect that I wanted to incorporate it well into the movie, but the scale of the movie was too big, so I understand (there is criticism).Well … this is a story that has to be laughed at, and some stories fit well and some don’t.I think it’s a great movie, but that’s the kind of thing.。」

In response, the interviewer commented, “I think the chemical reaction with Chris Evans was wonderful. I was surprised that there was a strong reaction (from the audience) in that scene.” Emily replies, “We are the same. I think we have done our best.”

After “Civil War”, SharonMarvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Not appearing in the work for a while, “Falcon & Winter SoldierI made a comeback after a long time. The protagonists of the story are Falcon / Sam Wilson and Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes watching the kiss in question from inside the car. With this “Civil War”, the combination of Sam & Bucky became widely loved. Emily is also saying this now.

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