“Comeback to Hollywood! !! Trailer ─ Robert De Niro plans to kill Tommy Lee Jones in an accident while filming

Robert de NiroTommy Lee JonesMorgan Freeman.. The movie “Three Hollywood actors played a gorgeous co-starComeback to Hollywood! !!]The Japanese version trailer has arrived.

The story is set in Hollywood in the 1970s. Robert De Niro, who is threatened to kill, Tommy Lee Jones, who does not die even if killed, and Morgan Freeman, who glares at killing. Average age 78 years.The toughness of Jijii who can not eat even if boiled or baked, and the best master who can not help being fascinated by charmcomedyThat’s right.

In the published trailer,B-class film producer Max (Robert De Niro), who boasted that “this movie is definitely an Oscar!”・ Lee Jones), gangster Reggie (Morgan Freeman), who is a terrifying movie enthusiast saying “Return the money that invested in the movie”, are captured.

Max, whose latest work was a record failure, was forced to repay his investment by Reggie. As the threat of writing Reggie’s masterpiece grows stronger day by day, Max learns that an actor died in an accident while shooting a movie, resulting in a large amount of insurance money, and he is reborn like a devil. Come up with a plan. Duke in the Elderly Housing with Care was pessimistic about his life. I managed to persuade him, starring him, getting more investment from Reggie, and embarking on a fake movie production.

Max was insured with the intention of having Duke die during the shoot. During the shooting, Max’s struggle puts Duke in a crisis one after another, but he avoids everything with the old-fashioned pattern, and contrary to Max’s wishes, wonderful scenes are captured one after another. Reggie boiled down the work that Duke did not die easily and finally started to move ….

In addition, a Mubichike card (tax included: 1,500 yen) with a postcard set featuring each character of Max, Duke, and Reggie is on sale at some screening theaters of this work. If you purchase the Mubichike advance ticket online, you will get an original smartphone image set (3 types) with the same design instead of a postcard.

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