[Commentary]HBO / HBO Max works will be exclusively distributed by U-NEXT, interviewed by the company’s president and summary of the work lineup

It has been revealed that the works of HBO and HBO Max, which are known for their high-quality dramas, will be distributed on the domestic video distribution service U-NEXT from April 1, 2021. On March 30, U-NEXT Co., Ltd. held the company’s first strategy presentation in Tokyo and announced it.

HBO and HBO Max works will be exclusively distributed by U-NEXT

U-NEXT has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with WarnerMedia in the SVOD (flat rate video distribution) area. HBO and HBO Max original new works will be distributed exclusively in Japan on U-NEXT. In addition, HBO’s popular titles will be distributed on U-NEXT in sequence.

HBO Max is a WarnerMedia video distribution service launched in the United States in May 2020. There were many topical works that would be exclusively distributed, and attention was focused on handling them in Japan, but instead of HBO Max’s landing in Japan, the works were handled by U-NEXT.

The first highlight is the science fiction blockbuster series “Raised by Wolves / Planet without God” produced by Ridley Scott. It is a popular work that has already decided to update Season 2. Scheduled to be delivered immediately from April 1, 2021. In addition, the lineup of HBO’s expected drama series “The Nevesr”, Steven Spielberg’s executive producer “Oslo”, and the documentary “Tiger Woods / Light and Shadow” approaching Tiger Woods’ career was announced. ing.

In addition, HBO’s popular titles such as “Sex and the City”, “Chernobyl -CHERNOBYL”, “Westworld”, and “Watchmen” will be exclusively distributed.

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