“Cruella” Emma Stone dubbed by Kou Shibasaki, trailer to hear the voice is also released

DisneyThe villain of the masterpiece anime “101 Dogs”CruellaDraw the secret story of the birth of“Cruella”so,Emma StonePlaysKou Shibasaki acts as the Japanese voice actor for the main character CruellaIt was decided. A Japanese dubbed trailer video that can hear the voice is also released.

Shibasaki cleared the examination of Disney US headquarters and successfully shot the position of Japanese voice actor of Cruella. Shibasaki, who said that the voice actor of the live-action movie was the first challenge, said, “I had to express that various things accumulated and transformed into Cruella, so I had a lot of trouble to give out the fine nuances there. It seems that it was difficult to play the transformation from the girl Estella to Vilan Cruella. He seems to be particular about dubbing, saying, “I took all of them once, but after that I checked them and took them again many times.”

Cruella, who is so popular among fans that she is called “Cruella-sama” among Disney Villains, said, “I think it’s a villain, but I think it’s a very symbolic character. Since the ground is drawn this time, I wanted to express something like its coolness, repulsion, and rebellious spirit, “he said. “I had the feeling of digging up myself more than 20 years ago. I sympathized with the hungry spirit of having to live and survive without knowing anything,” Cruella said. He also revealed that he overlapped himself.

After finishing the dubbing, Shibasaki said, “I felt like I wanted to live stronger by believing in myself by sending more myself.” Shibasaki has the strength of “believing in myself.” I felt that it was important, “said Cruella, who realized the true” strength. “

The movie “Cruella” will be released simultaneously at the movie theater and Disney Plus Premier Access on May 28, 2021 (Friday).

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