Daniel Craig & Mads Mikkelsen look back on “007 Casino Royale” from the first meeting to the famous scene

007 Casino Royale “(2006) is the 21st movie in the “007” series.Daniel CraigIs the 6th generationJames bondIt is a memorable work that took office. Starting with this work, which is deeply loved by fans of the series, Daniel has played the role of Bond over a total of five works, released in 2021.007 / No Time to Die』Graduation with.

The villain Le Chiffre was played in this work with enthusiastic fans such as “Doctor Strange” (2016) and “Hannibal” (2013-2015).Mads Mikkelsen.. At Variety in the US, the two meet again over the screen and talk about the time when “Casino Royale” was made.

“I was planning to wear a black tie and do a torture scene with you at the audition,” Matz recalls on the day he was assigned to play Le Chiffre. “I was just waiting and you were auditioning for a Bond girl. It was a ridiculous day.” Daniel and Matz, who were not yet acquainted with each other, said they met for the first time when they happened to smoke each other.

Matz: “At that time, I didn’t know if I could say” I’m smoking, “and suddenly I smoked with him. Martin Campbell (director) came to me, but he Exhausted, “Thank you, Mats. I just said “I don’t have time for you, but welcome” and went somewhere. When I was confused, he came back and said, “(Le Chiffre) is up to you.” While smoking, “Who did you sleep with?” I slept six times for this role, “(laughs). That was my first meeting.”

Daniel, who didn’t remember this episode, said, “You’re smart.” “I can’t believe it. I said something so nifty.”

Frequently talked about in Casino Royale is the torture scene from Le Chiffre to Bond. Naked Bond is seated in a chair with a cut-out seat, and Le Chiffre hits his lower body with a knotted rope.Daniel“In the script, it was a horse whip (not a rope).”Speaking of Mats“It looks more painful”One word.Daniel“Both hurt.”Immediately returned, talking about the memories of the shooting.

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