Daniel Radcliffe pinches with a Gatling gun, the main video of “Guns Akimbo” where the worst hitman rampages

Daniel RadcliffeIs a movie with a pistol fixed in both hands and is allowed to participate in a crazy death gameGuns Akimbo(Released on February 26, 2021), the main video that captures the deadliest hitman Knicks who rampages with a Gatling gun has been released.

“Guns Akimbo” is an extreme gun where Miles (Daniel Radcliffe), a programmer of a game company with pistols fixed in both hands, challenges the battle to survive.action.. The main video released this time begins when Miles wanders into a scrap car storage area while escaping from Knicks. However, Miles, who has no luck at all, happens to be present at the Mafia trading site.

Miles is noticed by the mafia in the trade and is pointed at the muzzle by everyone on the spot. Although he says, “I’m just passing by,” there is no doubt that pistols are fixed in both hands, which is misleading. By unanimously shooting Miles’ face, it was done by hand. The death countdown is ruthlessly announced.

“1, 2 …” and vigorously “6 … 9 … 8 … 27 …!”, A horizontal spear that ignores the count enters. It was Knicks who appeared. The mafia’s muzzle is pointed at Knicks on top of the piled up scrap cars. Miles realizes everything when he sees Knicks carrying a Gatling gun and says, “I’m killing everyone …”. When he said, “I don’t need to touch it. I’ll kill you.” He put on Lolita sunglasses and started shooting at the Mafia with a machine gun. A crazy Knicks who can’t stop laughing. What will happen to Miles, who senses the danger and becomes rushed and fleeing?

The movie “Guns Akimbo” will be released nationwide on February 26, 2021 (Friday), including TOHO Cinemas Hibiya.

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