“DAU. Degeneration” will be released in the summer of 2021 ─ “DAU. Natasha” A shocking work with a screening time of 6 hours

“DAU. Natasha”, a shocking film that won the Berlin International Film FestivalDAU. Degeneration (original title)Will be released exclusively at some theaters in the summer of 2021.

Russian genius Ilya Furjanovsky embarked on the “DAU” project, which was called “the most crazy cinematography in history” when her virgin film “4” received rave reviews at film festivals around the world. It was an unprecedented attempt to completely recreate a “Soviet totalitarian” society in order to evoke the now-forgotten memory of the “Soviet Union.”

In Kharkiv, a metropolis of Ukraine and once an important center of intelligence and creativity of the Soviet Union, we created the largest set of 12,000 square meters of secret research institutes in European history, with about 400,000 auditions and costumes. 40,000 clothes, 400 major casts, 10,000 extras, shooting period 40 months, different time axis for each shooting period, 700 hours footage for 35mm film shooting, a huge cost and over 15 years of “DAU” The world of “” was created.

Many of the cast members who participated in the filming continued to play their assigned role within the institute, with or without long-running filming. The form of expression born from this extends not only to the art field such as theatrical films, distribution works, installations, etc., but also to academic research results, etc. It looks like it.

“DAU. Natasha,” which was completed as the first theatrical film of this tremendous project, was screened in another section of the 70th Berlin Film Festival, which was screened in the competition section. ) ”. It is a huge feature film that lasts for 6 hours, and is set in 1966-1968, more than 10 years after 1952 under the Stalin regime drawn by “DAU. Natasha”.

As the title “Degeneration” indicates, after the Cuban Missile Crisis, after the Khrushchev era, the ideals of Stalin’s strong totalitarian society began to collapse during this period, and people became familiar with Western culture. It has become. In the previous work, the secret laboratory was drawn in a closed and fragmentary manner from the perspective of the cafe waitress Natasha, but in this work, the camera goes inside the laboratory and projects human life in detail. There, under the old genius scientist Ren Dow, scientists were repeating strange experiments to create “superhumans” ….

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