David Fincher re-tags with “Seven” screenwriter in psychological thriller movie ─ Michael Fassbender is in talks to star

Known for “Fight Club” (1999) and “Mank” (2020)David fincherDirected by the scriptwriter of “Seven” (1995)Andrew Kevin WalkerWhenNetflixIt turns out that he will re-tag in his new movie. The US Deadline reports.

Fincher and Walker are currently working on a visualization project for the graphic novel “The Killer” by French writer Alexis Nolent. The film depicts a cold-blooded assassin falling into a psychological crisis in a world where there are no ethical standards.

Starring “Steve Jobs” (2015) “X-MEN” seriesMichael FassbenderIs in negotiations. Fincher & Walker is said to have met with Fassbender and is working on the visualization as the next work. The producer is Ceán Chaffin, who has teamed up with Fincher many times, including “Seven”, “Social Network” (2010), and “Gone Girl” (2014).

“Seven” is a suspense that depicts a series of bizarre murders with the motif of Christian “Seven Deadly Sins”.Thriller.. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow and other gorgeous people are invited to the cast, and it is known as the early work of Fincher, which is still popular as a cult 25 years after its release. Expectations are only rising because there is only a re-tag work of the director & script combination who worked on such a work, and a psychological thriller as the subject.

Source: Deadline

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