DC “Constantine” reboot decision, drawing a young day ─ JJ Abrams Bad Robot production

DC ComicsAnti-hero,ConstantineJJ AbramsRebooted by Bad Robot ledIt turned out to fulfill. Deadline reports that it will be produced for HBO Max, a US video distribution service.

Constantine is a private detective / demon exorcist who specializes in paranormal phenomena and the occult, and in 2005 made a movie starring Keanu Reeves. From 2012, a live-action appearance by Matt Ryan in the drama “ARROW”. It was made into a single drama in 2014, but it was discontinued for only one season. After that, in response to the voices of fans, it has re-appeared in Season 3 of the drama “Legend of Tomorrow”.

In this reboot version,John constantineThe young days ofIt will be. A pilot version of the script by up-and-coming crime writer Guy Bolton has also been written, and it is reported that the scriptwriter’s room is expected to start operation from March 2021.

In April 2020, JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot was released by DC Comics.Justice League DarkIt was also announced that it would produce a drama. “Justice League Dark” is a dark hero team with Constantine as the main character. The progress here is not reported, but you can see the attitude of wanting to do rich storytelling by drawing “Justice League Dark” and “Constantine” respectively.


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