DC movie “The Batman” filming finished ─ Overcoming the long haul in Corona

Robert PattinsonStarring, DC movie “The Batman』The shooting has finally come to an end. Directed and written by Matt Reeves and others.

Shooting of “The Batman” started in late January 2020, but was interrupted in mid-March due to the influence of Corona. After a pause of about five and a half months, shooting resumed at the end of August, but shortly after that, Robert Pattinson’s new corona infection was discovered, and shooting was suspended for another two weeks.

At the end of the filming, which took place over a year, including the suspension period, Director Reeves reported on his Twitter account the final day of the filming on March 12, 2021 (local time). The clap board (clapperboard) for photography is carefully stored.

James GordonJeffrey Wright, who plays the role, wrote on Twitter that he was relieved, saying, “Gordon is over … for the time being,” in the long-running shoot.

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