DC movie “The Flash” started shooting ─ Michael Keaton’s Batman replay decision, “Shazam!” Composer also participated

Ezra MillerStarring, DC movie“The·flash(Original title: The Flash) ”was found to have started shooting.. Director Andy Muschietti, who takes a megaphone, and producer Barbara Muschietti report with a motion video showing the logo of the work.

This work is “Justice League』(2017), etc. Barry Allen / Flash is the main character in a single movie. Based on the comic “Flash Point” that depicts the encounter with another world, it is also called the DC “Multiverse Contact”.

Shooting, which had been under preparation for over a year, has finally started. “Let’s do it! It’s the first day of the movie’The Flash’,” Andy Muschietti said on his Instagram.

Producer Barbara Muschieti said, “I am very grateful to Warner Bros. for helping us in an incredibly difficult time for the world. We work, keep everyone safe and make many dreams come true. I am doing it. “

In June 2020, “Batman It was reported that he would play the role of Batman for the first time in “Returns” (1992).Michael keatonAlso officially participate.. The Wrap confirmed this with Keaton’s agent ICM Partners. In late March 2021, Keaton himself revealed that negotiations had been delayed due to the effects of the corona wreck, saying that “it all depends on the corona.” Even now, Corona’s evil does not seem to converge, but it seems that he has decided to perform again.

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