DC movie “The Suicide Squad” Harley Quinn in “Chaos Trigger” ─ Third appearance, Margot Robbie talks about change

DC ComicsRogues from the Guardians of the Galaxy seriesJames GunnThe director will make a new movie, “The Suicide SquadMore than 20 supervillains will make their debut in “Extreme” Rogues, Rally. It is a bridge between such villains and fans.Margot RobbieDress upHarley Quinn .. Harley is the third appearance in a DC movie, but it seems to play a big role in this work. Margot Robbie, who plays in Total Film, has announced.

In this work directed by Gunn, it has been revealed that villains who have “poles” as the title gathers and kill each other. Director Gunn was told by Warner Bros. Pictures / DC Comics that he could kill anyone, so it is expected that the villains who have turned into lawless areas will rampage.

Harley, who will reappear following “Suicide Squad” (2016) and “Harley Quinn’s Brilliant Awakening BIRDS OF PREY” (2020), will also participate in this death game. However, according to Margot, Harley is depicted in this work.The opportunity for chaos“Is going to make. Probably because it is a spoiler about how to create it, Margot avoids concrete explanation, but Margot who read the script told Gunn about Harley in this work.I think Harley was the catalyst for chaosIt was said.

“She is not necessarily the center of the story.” Margot also talks about Harley in this way. “Sometimes plot pointsIt is good to entrust the character to another character. “She can be the one who detonates the whole series of events“, Explaining the role of Harley. “I feel that he (Director Gunn) has the same opinion on this.”

* An event that causes the main character to take action and change the story in a different direction.

By the way, what I expect from Harley, who will appear for the third time, is the change in character. “It’s always interesting to explore what character characteristics each different director is attracted to,” Margot said. It is said that Harley’s commonality in each work is in the “original”, “that is also what has always built the character,” Margot said. “She evolves in different ways, according to the instructions of different people.”

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