DC movie “The Suicide Squad” trailer ─ Reconstructed by director James Gunn, “Rogue Group” Great Battle

DC ComicsRogues from the Guardians of the Galaxy seriesJames GunnThe director will make a new movie, “The Suicide SquadThe trailer for “Extreme” Rogues, Rally “has been released.

Margot RobbieplayHarley QuinnIt’s been five years since “Suicide Squad” (2016), which fascinated the world and became a huge hit. Suicide Squad, who is not bound by common sense or the past, will perform a “complete reconstruction” with James Gunn, who is highly trusted by movie fans and comic fans, as a director and screenwriter in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. No more preparation is required, and it appears as a blockbuster with more than 10 “extreme” villains.

From the 2016 edition to the cast, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn,Rick flagJoel Kinnaman in the role,Captain BoomerangJai Courtney as the role and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller continue to cast.Also, in the “Mighty Thor” and “Avengers” seriesIdris Elba, “Guardians of the Galaxy” seriesMichael rooker& Sean Gunn, “Bumblebee” (2018)John Cena, And David Dastmalchian of the “Ant-Man” series will appear.Furthermore, it is a “legend”Sylvester StalloneWill also participate in the war and bring more depth to the work.

The movie “The Suicide Squad” Extreme “Rogues, Rally” will be released nationwide in the summer of 2021.

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