Director James Gunn reveals second-choice star-lord role in Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) popular seriesGuardians of the GalaxyThe main character, Star-Lord / Peter Quill, is from the “Jurassic World” series and “Magnificent Seven” (2016).Chris Pratt..This timeJames GunnThe director has again publicly acknowledged the name of the actor he was considering as a “second candidate” after Chris.

When asked on Instagram, “Who was the other actor who auditioned for the role of Star-Lord?” Gunn said, “Unless they say first, the name of the person who auditioned is absolute. I try not to tell you. ” However,“Many people know that Glenn Howerton was in attendance. It was my second choice.”I wrote. In fact, it is information that everyone in the know knows that Glenn has been regarded as influential since the release of “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014).

Glenn Howerton played the main character Dennis Reynolds in the popular American sitcom show “Philadelphia is Sunny Today” (2005-), and also serves as screenwriter, director, and executive producer. In recent years, he has appeared in the drama “FARGO” Season 1 (2014) and Jason Blum’s “The Hunt” (2020). In November 2014, Gunn“Glen participated (in the audition) a little later, but he had a good chance. If not Chris, I think he would have cast Glen Howerton.”Was stated.

By the way, the decision to appoint Chris Pratt as Star-Lord was a big surprise to movie, drama and comic fans at the time. Chris wasn’t physically trained when he was in the drama “Parks and Recreation,” but rather was known as a “chubby actor.” In the US GQ, Director Gunn himself commented, “I thought it was wrong to cast a fat man as the main character of a hero movie. I didn’t particularly want to meet him (at the audition).” However, when he was fascinated by the performance, he even said, “I thought it would be okay to be the world’s first fat hero.” After that, Chris succeeded in losing weight, but he seemed to like it so much.

How likely was Glenn, the second candidate, to participate?In this cancer post, Glen himself“It’s hard now”Is replied.

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