Director of “Fantastic Four” in the 2000s, “I’m looking forward to Galactus” in the MCU version

December 2020,Marvel Cinematic UniverseAt (MCU)Fantastic fourWas announced to be re-movie. How does the former movie director see this project, which will be realized by Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox?

Tim Story, who worked on “Fantastic Four” (2005) produced by 20th Century Fox and the sequel “Fantastic Four: The Crisis of the Galaxy” (2007), shared two hopes at Des de Hollywood. One is to redraw Mr. Fantastic / Reed Richards, who stretches and contracts like rubber, “coolly with new technology.”And the other isGalactusIs re-appearing.

Galactus, a member of “Cosmic Being,” the god of the laws of the universe, is a large villain that destroys planets and eats energy. However, in Tim’s second work, “The Crisis of the Galaxy,” the comic settings were significantly changed and appeared as a gaseous life form that absorbs the energy of the planet. The humanoid of the comic was not maintained.

“At the time of the’Galaxy Crisis’, some people were worried about what Galactus would look like. I’m looking forward to seeing how Galactus will be drawn (on the MCU). I can’t wait. It’s huge. When I saw Ant-Man on the screen, I thought, “This is amazing, what if Galactus comes out?”

In 2014, Tim looked back at the time of the “Galaxy Crisis” and said that it was difficult to make the comic Galactus into a movie as it was. The size and ability of Galactus was “difficult to drop because the scale was too large”, and the studio side also said that “there was a fear of what would happen”, so it was decided to change the setting. However, Galactus, an MCU that has succeeded in making a live-action version of the mighty villain Thanos, should also have some measures. The script work for the MCU version of “Fantastic Four” has just started as of February 2021. Will Galactus ever appear …?

By the way, director Tim Story, who worked on the Fox version of “Fantastic Four,” has challenged the fusion of live-action and animation with his latest work, “Tom and Jerry,” and is planning to continue to be interested in the future. In the interview of THE RIVERSuperheroRegarding his return to the movie, he answered, “Some of the time I believe that I will return to that world.”

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