Director of “Godzilla vs. Kong”, directed by Peter Jackson of the 2005 version of “King Kong” ─ How did you come to be appointed?

The movie “The two big monsters collideGodzilla vs KongIt is director Adam Wingard who takes the megaphone. Toshihide, who has worked on low-budget horror such as “Surprise” (2011) and “The Guest” (2014)The selection is known for “King Kong” (2005).Peter JacksonIt turns out that the director is making a big contribution.. What the hell is that …?

In an interview with Slash Film, Wingard, who looked back on his appointment to Godzilla vs. Kong, revealed that he wasn’t pitching himself, that is, he took the position of director with a de facto offer. There is. “The reason is that we have to go back to the time when’Surprise’was released,” said Wingard. The fateful events that happened at that time are described below.

For some reason, Peter Jackson was watching an early version of Surprise, and he was interested in having me as the director for the King Kong sequel.It was supposed to be titled “Skull Kong”. Simon Barrett (“Surprise” writer) will write the script. Mary Parent, who runs the current Legendary Pictures and produces this movie (“Godzilla vs. Kong”), was also in attendance. “

It is a sequel to Jackson’s “King Kong” that was being promoted under the surface, but since the rights to visualize it have been transferred from Universal Pictures, where the film was planned, to Warner Bros. There wasn’t. However, the encounter here seems to have led Wingard to “Godzilla vs. Kong.” “As a result of many twists and turns,I think some Mary Parents continued to have Peter Jackson’s trust in me.」。

If Jackson wasn’t interested, Wingard’s name might not have been heard by his parents. It was an unusual selection of “Godzilla vs. Kong” from a low-budget horror field, but it is surprising that there was such a background. By the way, it is said that Wingard was considered for the sequel to Jackson’s version of “King Kong”, but is it possible that the idea that did not come true there is inherited in “Godzilla vs. Kong” … ??

Source: Slash Film

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