Director of “Nomadland”, originally scheduled to complete the Marvel movie “Eternals” first

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) new movieThe EternalsWork onChloe ZhaoThe director is his latest workNomadlandAt the 93rdAcademy awardsReceived the Best Picture / Director Award. The film won the Best Actress (Frances McDormand) and was nominated for Best Adaptation, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing.

Unexpectedly, “The Eternals” became the first MCU work by an Oscar-winning director, and it got even more attention. This is also the first blockbuster movie for director Jao. However, fate is strange because “Eternals” was supposed to be completed before “Nomadland”.Marvel・ Studio president Kevin Feige testified in an interview with Variety.

“She (Director Jao) initially intended to shelve Nomadland until The Eternals was completed. She was supposed to return to work when The Eternals was released. That was Corona. Because of the interruption (“The Eternals”), I decided to finish the work I was making earlier. “

In fact, The Eternals was originally scheduled to be released to the United States in November 2020. On the other hand, “Nomadland” will be premiered at the Venice International Film Festival & Toronto International Film Festival the following month in August 2020, after the release of “Eternals” was postponed. Director Jao also said, “I was making two films in a row,” admitting that the order of the announcements has changed.

“There were a lot of things happening in my relatively short career, and what I learned there, though it sounds like a cliché, is that there’s a reason to happen. Nomadland is like this. I didn’t expect it to reach you, but everything went well. “

By the way, according to President Feige, Jao initially visited Marvel as a candidate for director of “Black Widow”. However, Jao said he left the project on his own initiative while refraining from proposing ideas. “I don’t remember if I didn’t have the time, I wasn’t ready, or I was ready for Nomadland,” Feige said. After that, Jao reappeared as a candidate for The Eternals and took the position of director with “a tremendous grand idea, a bold and ambitious presentation.” Again, “everything happens has a reason.”

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