Disney + aims to release 100 new titles a year ─ Cumulative number of members exceeds 100 million, to further heights

Walt U.S.A.Disney・ The company has its own video distribution service“Disney +”It was revealed that the goal is to release more than 100 new titles a year. CEO Bob Chapek spoke at a conference for investors on March 9, 2021 (US time).

Disney Plus started its service in North America in November 2019, and has since expanded its service worldwide. In February 2021, it was found that the cumulative number of members reached about 94.9 million, but this timeAfter about a month, the number of members worldwide has exceeded 100 million.It has been officially announced.

Following this success, Mr. Chapek“I want to be more ambitious, I want to make a huge investment in the development of high quality content.”He revealed his intention. From now on, live-action and anime works by Disney,Marvelworks,”Star WarsThe goal is to release more than 100 new titles a year at Disney Plus, including the series and National Geographic works.

In October 2020, Disney officially announced its stance of giving top priority to distribution services and launched a new division for distribution content. Now that about five months have passed, it has been proved that the policy is working.This time too, Mr. Chapek“Businesses that are directly connected to consumers (such as distribution services) are our top priority, and we will continue to strengthen the strong distribution channels of content.”Said. Disney Plus membership is expected to grow to 230-60 million by 2024.

For some time, Mr. Chapek has emphasized his intention to “leave the way consumers enjoy movies.” In October 2020, he said, “Consumers (theater or distribution) decide. Your decisions will lead us to change. We want to go where consumers want.” At this conference as well, he acknowledged the policy of giving top priority to distribution while emphasizing theatrical release, saying, “While surviving the pandemic, we will leave it to consumers and decide how we want to enjoy the movie. I think it is important for you to do so. “

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