Disney & Pixar’s latest work “Luka”, US notice ─ Italy’s sea town, “Remember Me” team’s big adventure of two sea animal boys

DisneyPixarLatest work byLuca (original title)The US trailer has arrived. Set in the Italian sea town, a new adventure is coming by the creator team who worked on “Remember Me” (2017).

The stage is the Riviera, a city facing the Italian coast. Luka, a 13-year-old boy, embarks on an exciting adventure with her new best friend Alberto. However, such two people will know a certain truth.HowTheir true identity was a “sea animal” that emerged from another world lurking on the seabed …

“We can go anywhere. We can do anything.” Luca is a boy who walks through the city of the Riviera, which is shining brightly, with a look of hope and curiosity. Take a new friend Alberto and run around the wilderness such as the prairie and the beach. “It will be the best summer!”

Luka and Alberto go down the hill with two people. The two scream and fall into the sea as they are, but as soon as they dive into the water, their appearance suddenly changes and they change into the appearance of a sea animal. Even though they are witnessed by the townspeople, they swim in the water after spending time there. Luka and Alberto keep their secrets, but how will their adventures continue?

Produced by Andrea Warren of “Cars Cars / Crossroads” (2017).The director is a short film released at the same time as “Merida and Brave Forest” (2012).AnimeThis is Enrico Casarosa, who worked on “Moon and Boy” (2010).

The voice of the main character Luka is “Room” (2015) “Wonder Kimi wa Taiyo” (2018) Jacob Trenbray, the voice of friend Alberto is “IT / It” series and DC movie “Shazam!” (2019) Jack Dylan Glazer Serves. In addition, Maya Rudolph played the role of Luka’s mother, and Jim Gaffigan, an actor and stand-up comedian who played the role of father, participated.

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