Disney & Pixar’s latest work “That Summer Luka” New Trailer Released in the US ─ Two Sea Animal Boys, Great Adventure in the Human World

Following “Soulful World” (2020),DisneyPixarLatest work“That summer Luka”New trailer has been released in the United States.

The stage is Porto Rosso, a port city in Italy. Luka, a 13-year-old boy, goes on an adventure with his new best friend Alberto. However, they had a secret. Their true identity was a sea monster that emerged from the sea. They break the rules of the sea and come to the city where humans live.

The released trailer begins with Luka hesitating to appear on the surface of the sea and Alberto watching the situation behind him. Luka was warned by her mother to stay away from the surface of the sea, but the two stood on land in the form of humans. Alberto was in a good mood, saying, “It’s great to get out of the sea. You can walk, the air, the sky, the clouds, the sun!” “Don’t look at the sun directly. Lie, you can look.” However, Luka turns her eyes to the glare and collapses.

Alberto replies, “I’m an expert,” to Luka, who asks, “Have you ever been to a human town?” I met Julia, a human girl, in the town. However, his father is a man who judges “whatever swims”, and Luka and Alberto literally turn blue. The cat on his father’s shoulder also looks suspicious. “Your life looks much better than I am,” Julia said, “you have a lot of things you think you can’t do. The important thing is to challenge.” It was.

The footage captures Luka and Albert running around the land and the sea, and the moment when they get wet and reveal their true appearance. To Luka, who seems hesitant to ride a motorcycle, Alberto said, “You can hear Bruno’s voice.” Silence, Bruno! Say “Tell me.” “Silence, Bruno …” “Loudly.” Silence, Bruno! “” “Silence, Bruno” “Silence, Bruno! “Da” “Silence, Bruno!” “Can you still hear me?” “Yeah, only your voice” “Like, ride!” The bike begins to run straight towards the sea.

To conclude the notice, Luka, who was listening to the words “Where are you looking, stupid!” Released by a fisherman at sea, is urged by Alberto and tells two women “Where are you looking, stupid!” It’s a scene. Sure enough, the two are hit by a lady.

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